What do we do?

The Independent PTA brings parents, teachers, and the administration together to advocate on behalf of the students at Independent Elementary School.

In this era of budget and resourcing shortfalls, parents & the local community must fill certain gaps if we want to ensure a high-quality experience for all our students.

[California has some of the lowest per-student funding in the nation.]

In addition to supporting our teachers' needs for supplemental in-classroom support such as parent volunteers and materials, additional areas the PTA would like to be able to assist with include the following:

  • K-3 Music Education
  • Standards Based Art Curriculum TK-5
  • Supplemental/Extra Curricular Arts, Science, Cultural Activities
  • Community-Spirit/Family Engagement activities
  • Your ideas?

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— Many programs would not be possible without 100% or partial funding through the PTA —